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About Us

About TNV Transport

TNV Transport specializes in daily, weekly and monthly pickups of special needs clients. By offering regularly scheduled pickups, our clients are more likely to have little to no change in their driver, which helps build the routines some clients find essential.

Our objective is to operate truckload businesses that are industry leading in both margin and growth, while providing cost-effective solutions for our customers.

To achieve these goals, we operate primarily in high-density, predictable freight lanes in select geographic regions, and attempt to develop and expand our customer base around each of our service centers by providing multiple truckload services for each customer. This operating strategy allows us to take advantage of the large amount of freight transported in regional markets. Our decentralized service centers enable us to better serve our customers and work more closely with our driving associates. We operate a modern fleet to appeal to Driving Associates and customers, decrease maintenance expenses and downtime, and enhance our operating efficiencies.

Why Choose Us?

7 years of experience in Logistics services

A major component to our success is our multi-lingual staff who can interact with clients of various ethno-cultural backgrounds. In addition, all of our drivers are required to be equipped with cellular phones. This enables our clients and their parents / guardians to have ongoing communication with our drivers during their routes.

Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

TNV Transport Inc is striving to establish a distinctive service unique in its conception and to provide standards of service as per customer's expectation.